i feel weird when my pets see me naked even though i see them naked all the time

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Of minds and men


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TV sucks.


Boring. Boring.

She looks good, though. I like the way her shorts just sort of ride up. Lots of leg. Fuck. Is that pantie? She knows what she’s doing.

Now my cock is hard. I should give it to her. I know she wants it. She can’t be into this movie. Her head is right there. Just inches away. Just one movement from my shoulder to my dick.

Maybe I’ll just rub her back. Under the shirt. She likes that. Fuck, her skin is so soft. Warm. Work my way up. That’s right. Smooth. No bra. Perfect.

OK, she gets it. A little moan there as I rubbed her lower back. Good. Daddy likes. Wait, what did I just say? That was weird. Don’t every say that.

Her hand is on my thigh. Always a good sign. That’s right. Light stroke. Move it up. You know you want to. You know you want to. Bingo. Fuck. Yes. Jackpot. Contact.

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distantful said: hey gal, love your blog hope you're having a nice day! xliam

Liam<33 thank you


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